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Many people look for different ways that they can make extra money. Some require more skills and qualifications than others. Working as a part-time driver is a job most of us with a valid driver`s license can do. Not only do you have the required skills if you have a license, but in modern times it is quite easy to find places with the use of GPS navigation. Besides that, you might be able to see some places and meet people you would never have met before.

What Type of Part-Time Driver Jobs are There?

Most driver jobs will be to do pick-ups and deliveries. This will either be delivering fast food or packages. However, there are other part-time driver jobs, like working as a wedding chauffeur on weekends. With internet shopping booming the way it is, companies are going to need people to deliver the goods. More and more companies are also offering evening deliveries, and they will need part-time people to deliver the goods. The industry is set to grow at an exponential rate over the coming decade, and until google has driving robots worth their self-driving cars, they will need humans to do the deliveries.

What Skills Will I Need?

Your job will just not be 100% driving; some of the skills you will need will be:

  • You will be able to communicate effectively and have a customer-orientated approach.
  • You will need to prioritize and organize your work. For example, doing all the deliveries in one area at the same time.
  • You will be able to work under pressure as you will have to deliver your goods at certain times. If it is fast food, you will need to have the food at the customer`s home before it is cold.
  • A full clean driving license.
  • Basic admin skills. You will have to fill in some paperwork.
  • If you deliver larger goods, you will need to be physically capable of lifting heavy things.
  • A friendly manner toward other users
  • Be able to work alone.

What is the Work Like?

There is a limit to the number of hours a driver is allowed to work to ensure your safety and that of other road users. The fit tachographs to the larger delivery vehicles to log how many hours a driver has done.

Your job would include the following:

  1. Collecting goods from various places, such as the main depot. If it is a fast food delivery job, you’re your collections will be from the restaurant.
  2. Loading the orders that match your delivery
  3. Plan your route before the time so as to make sure your deliveries are made on time
  4. Unloading goods at the correct addresses
  5. Taking payment from customers or signatures for goods and giving invoices when you deliver
  6. Keeping an account recording mileage and the fuel that you buy
  7. Most of the time, you update your records as you deliver goods with a handheld device.
  8. Returning undelivered back to your place of work.

If you work as a delivery driver for your local fast food restaurant, then you will most probably be working in the general area of about a 10-mile radius. You are also more likely to get tips for delivering takeaways.

What is the Pay Like for a Delivery Driver?

As a takeaway driver, you will probably be paid minimum wage, plus maintenance costs and fuel. You will also be earning tips from time to time, which could boost your earnings to a more decent level.

Also, be careful of adverts like the one shown above, as they do seem to be scams. I have heard stories where people work as delivery drivers for certain takeaway places, and when the shift is finished, the owner tells them they only get paid at the end of the week. When the end of the week comes, they just tell the driver to leave, and they do not receive any money. They pull the same scam for weeks when they have a busy period but do not want to take on other staff. Be sure to do your research about a place before you decide to work there.

Pay for part-time couriers are around the $10 per hour range. But if you work as a sub-contractor, it could be more.

In general, being a part-time driver is not a bad way to make some extra money. You can at least listen to your favorite music while driving, and it is not physically the hardest work there is unless you deliver heavy appliances.

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