Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks for taking an interest!

We often get asked a multitude of questions from curious folks wondering how Campus Orb works or how Campus Orb can help connect their campus, students, and parents. The ones listed below are the ones that we actually get the most frequently!

If you still have burning questions, we’re only an email or phone call away, or if you prefer, Schedule a Demo with us and ask your questions while we give you a live tour of our software! We’re looking forward!

Bear with us, we tend to get quite a bit of questions!

Are there any download limitations? Update limitations? Or even notification limitations?

Never! Students are free to download your app as many times as they would like, we don’t cap views, downloads, or anything else. Updates are unlimited, either through our Portal or through Support – make as many as you’d like to your hearts content! Your also welcome to send out as many Push Notifications as you’d like directly to students with no limitations what-so-ever on those.

What kind of miscellaneous Fees could we expect when we join the Campus Orb Family?

There are absolutely no fees what-so-ever other than the annual renewal cost. You can cancel at any time. You can update as much as you want. We take care of any associated fees that Apple and Google will charge to have your app online – forever. We understand that budgets are tight, limited, and ever-changing, we won’t bog you down with more expenses or paperwork.

Do we get any say in the design or creative process?

Of course – we design your app with your preference in mind. We’ll show you a list of pre-designed templates, pick one, we’ll build something beautiful for you with your branding. Don’t like any of the templates? We’ll build something completely custom for you, at no cost.

Can we combine different Departments into one app? or do we need to purchase separate Apps?

We often find schools in a situation that want to incorporate multiple departments (like Student Life and Student Government) into one app. This is absolutely no problem at all and comes at no additional cost, combine as many Departments as you’d like!

How long does it take to make our iPhone and Android app? When does it go online and live?

Provided you can get us the information we need promptly, it typically takes around 7 days for us to code, design and submit your app to the App Store and Google Play Store. It takes an additional 7 to 14 days for it to get approved by Apple/Google and go live.

Can we update our App with Campus Orb? If so, how would we be able to do that ourselves?

Glad you asked! We have an innovative “Portal” that you can login too and make changes easily and instantly with a few clicks of your mouse. Update events, organizations, and anything else in your App. Want to see it? Schedule a Demo with us and we’ll give you a personal tour!

What if we don’t like it after the first year?

We have a 97% renewal rate for a reason – folks love us! But we understand if it’s just not for you. You can cancel at any time, but it must be received in written form by either letter, fax, or preferred, email at least 14 days before your next renewal date or charge. See our Cancellation & Refund policy here!

We also use other online campus solutions, could we integrate those into our Smartphone App?

You sure can! We’re very familiar with most big and brand name solutions for campuses, whether it be for universities or K-12, we’ll be able to integrate most of those solutions into your app at no additional cost.

What if we don’t want to display our Minutes to the public but still allow access to them through our app?

Minutes can be locked behind a screen with a general password that you can give out to the folks you want to allow access too. Generally this is done for Executive Board minutes while Congress Meeting minutes are usually left open to the public.

We do Paper Elections, can we still use your Student Elections feature while doing our Paper Voting?

Of course! You can do both side-by-side, Campus Orb provides an easy accessible download of all votes through the app, you can compare those votes to your paper votes if your worried about Students voting twice. More about our Student Elections feature here.

We have our own Calendar / Events display, do we have to use yours? or can we use ours?

You can either use our nifty Events Calendar to manage your Campus or Student events, or you are more than welcome to use yours! We’ll link to it within the app, but it also helps that your events page or calendar is fitted for mobile viewing. Usually, most Student Governments just use our built in Calendar, but sometimes it’s just more convenient to stick to your current one!

Are you able to link to resources on our Student Government website or page?

Yes – we can link to any page or content you give us access too, this includes any discussion forums. If you have other external resources, we can link to those too. If you don’t have a Student Government website, hit us up! We’d love to talk and see if we can’t build you something special to compliment your Campus Orb app!

How do we see the results of our Polls and Surveys? Do they have to be public?

All Polls & Surveys display the results (live or finished) in your Campus Orb Portal, the submissions get sent to your email and can be viewed in an archived state for review. Surveys and Polls can display results in the app live as they are run, or you can hide the live results and choose what to do with them later on, if anything.

Our Executive Board or Staff are changing! How do we tell them about Campus Orb?

We do free “refresher” demo’s that get new boards up-to-speed with their app, how to update and manage content within it, and more! Just Schedule a Demo and let us know that your board is changing and you need them trained. We typically do this twice a year per Student Government.

We’re a K-12 District, do we need an app for each school? Or can we combine them?

That depends on you – it’s by far more cost effective and convenient to have a District app that includes a customized section for each school within, and that’s what we generally recommend. You can purchase an app for each school in your district if desired, however, you would not receive our District discounts by purchasing a District app instead. For more information, feel free to download our K-12 PDF document that has more information by clicking here.

We have a District of 12 schools, we want to be able to give each school a Campus Orb Portal account and have each school manage only their section of the app. Is this possible?

Yes! Campus Orb’s K-12 apps are designed specifically for this. We’ll give each school their very own account that lets them manage their schools Calendars, Events, and Information without giving them access to other schools in the app. This allows for a very smooth and easy setup to allow each school in your district the ability to update their section of your District app.

How does you handle Data Storage and Backups?

Campus Orb’s servers back-up all databases and content at the end of each week on friday. We have a 99.8% uptime record, but if anything were to go down or wrong, we have access to all data for up to three months worth. Data that is “created” within your Portal can be accessed forever unless you delete that data yourself or discontinue our services.

How does Campus Orb handle our Data and Privacy?

Campus Orb keeps all personal data and records securely, using military-grade encryption. This includes all passwords, usernames, emails, phone numbers, contracts, and even invoices. The data is stored locally and is never uploaded online. We take your privacy and data very seriously, we never give out, rent or sell your data to other companies or organizations.

Which county laws is Campus Orb adhered too in terms of Privacy and Legalities?

Campus Orb’s official residence is located in California, San Diego. Our K-12 Department is handled in our offices at Texas, McAllen. Even though both departments share the same Privacy Policy, both departments are protected under different county laws. Be confident that we take your students data and privacy seriously.

For Partnership inquiries, please see this page.

Thank you!