Cancellation & Refund Policy


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By using our site or by purchasing our services you agree to the following cancellation & refund policy.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Not happy with your Campus Orb subscription? We are sorry to see you go. To cancel and receive a full refund you must email us 14 days before your renewal date. You do not need to provide a reason, though we always appreciate hearing what we could have done better.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to cancel your contract or recieve a refund. Cancellation requests must be received in text form (via letter, fax, or email) or by using the form attached below. You can email our Support Team directly at

Your cancellation request must be received in writing within 14-days before the initial renewal date or charge in order for you to receive your refund. After the 14-day window, you may cancel your contract at any time, but no refund will be provided.

Effects of cancellation

If you cancel your contract within the 14-day renewal date window, no additional actions will need to be taken by you to request a refund. We will automatically process your refund within two weeks of receiving your request. We will return your payment using the same payment method that you originally used with our trusted merchant, Stripe.

Once the cancellation is completed, Campus Orb will delete all content associated with your app (unless you have already been moved to another provider) as well as any email account(s) associated with those apps.

Please note that this action is irreversible and we cannot recover your app or associated data after your cancellation request has been fulfilled.

Last updated: September 3rd, 2016