Who are we? We're your new Campus Organization Provider!

Campus Orb builds custom iPhone/Android smartphone apps for your School, University, or Campus Organization (like Student Governments). We were founded by Student Leaders & Teachers back in 2011 with one goal in mind: provide useful software that not only got students informed, but actually involved. Today, our software powers entire campuses, countless Student Governments, and even Elementary schools across the country! Let us help you connect with your students, staff, parents, and others, by getting your very own Smartphone App! We offer 1-on-1 online demos that show off our software for your organization. You’ll be able to ask questions, see our features work in real-time, and be blown away at what you can do with us! Display Campus Events, Clubs & Organizations, Teacher/Staff Directories, Surveys & Polls, Student Elections, Athletics, and so much more. We’ve partnered with many reputable Student Government, K-12, and collegiate organizations to be able to provide you the best experience possible. Our prices are highly competitive, and updating your app couldn’t be easier through our Campus Orb Portal. We’re stoked to have the opportunity to work with you, call or text us 24/7 at 908-872-6049 with any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to learn more, and schedule a demo with us today!

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David & Marlan

Our partners at ASGA invited us to exhibit at their conferences ten times a year around the states! We offer special discounts to ASGA members.

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Student Leaders

Our team consists of former and current Student Government Leaders - folks who have been there, done that, and know what actually works.

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Minot State University

We don't just rock Student Governments, we rock entire Campuses! View grades, events, directories, and more - with a Campus Orb Campus Wide app.

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National Conference for Student Leadership

We attend NCSL ever year to exhibit Campus Orb and the services we offer Student Leaders all over the world - we love to see active students!

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American Student Government Association

Held for Student Leaders, Campus Orb attends 10 conferences a year - at these conferences we'll teach folks how much Campus Orb can help!

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Marlan Jones

Formerly a Student Government Vice President, Marlan keeps our marketing department in tip-top-shape. He also assures feature quality.

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Supporting student leaders everywhere!

From our roots in Edinboro, PA to the sunny state of California, we're in 15 different states and growing!

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Partnerships galore!

We're partnered with all kinds of student-based organizations - those organizations help us offer more services for Student Leaders!

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5 years and counting!

We started with one school back in 2010, and a very small goal - not only help students connect with Student Governments, but to actually participate!

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No Locked Contracts

We never lock you in. If we genuinely create a product that helps Student Governments, and that works, why worry? We'll see you again next year! :-)


Features? We've got plenty of those!

Check out these iPhone/Android features for students' smartphones!

Take your Student Government Elections Online!

Take those Elections online and mobile with your own app! Easily take multiple elections online, list student candidates and give them profile pictures, biographies, goals, contact details and more! Campus Orb can tie in with and work alongside any Paper Elections. Campus Orb Elections will also tie directly into your school email for confirmation to avoid fraudulent voting, and all vote data can easily be downloaded from the portal in a nifty excel sheet. See documentation for specifics.

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Create customized Surveys & Polls for your Students!

Let students give you the information you need. Surveys & Polls have been an important part of Student Governments and Campuses for decades – we’re just making it a little easier. Create as many Surveys or Polls as you want in your app and let students select the choices you’ve given for every question - or write in their own answer. A great tool to gather statistics regarding what changes, updates or things they would like to see done - or how they felt about a past event.

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Display your entire Clubs & Organizations on Campus!

List your Clubs and Organizations within your Student Government or Campus app! Students can browse all clubs on campuses and find out more information, including but not limited to upcoming or past Events, Galleries, Member Lists, Contact Details, Social Links, Descriptions, Documents and more! It’s easy, and we do it all for you, just give us the information. Optionally, Student Leaders are free to update information for their Clubs & Organizations through our Student Portal.

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List your entire Executive and Congress Board!

Executive Board & Congress Member profiles allow students to see who you folks are (bio/picture) and what you guys do. It also allows students to get in touch via email (or optionally, phone) - this can be used for Committees, Advisors or any staff (Res Life / Student Life) as well. Optionally, you can have a list of past years and executive boards of those years in an archive, so that students can see and learn about the boards that served them from before! Leave a legacy behind!

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Access Congress & Executive Board Minutes Online!

Give students access to your Congress (or executive) minutes on-the-go! Students have the option to either View, Download or Email those minutes directly from your app. Optionally, you can lock these minutes for Congress eyes only. Congress Minutes can be added instantly and easily in any format - Word, PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel. Your Student Government Minutes can be archived in a list on a weekly basis, and can stay there for days, weeks, or even years - based on preference.

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Your students will never miss an Campus Event again!

Display Events directly in your Student Government app! Students will have all the information that thet need to know right from thier pockets - and even be notified about them the day before the event happens! Display your Event Poster, Information, Date, Time, Prizes, and more - easily update, add or remove events from our Student Portal. This, combined with Push Notifications, can easily be the thing that not only brings notice to your events, but real participation and activity!

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Guaranteed Delivery - Get your message to thousands of Students in seconds!

Push Notifications allow you to send a message (or many messages) to Students via the app instantly. The Push Notifications can alert the student of upcoming events, changes, congress meetings - or more. There are no limits to how many you can send out. The best part? Push Notifications will appear on the Students phone even if the app is closed or never opened - guaranteed delivery! Never let your Student Body stay uninformed about the weekly ongoings of Student Government!

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We integrate all of your Campus Services!

Locked in with OrgSync? Does your Campus use Moodle? We'll integrate most of the services your Campus uses into your Campus Wide (or Student Government) app! Let your students check their Grades, Dining (what's for lunch?), Campus Map, Staff Directory, Bus Schedule, you name it! Let us know what services you use and we'll let you know if we support them.

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Go paperless with our Online Forms feature! Never print a page again.

Online forms are already a huge part of what it means to be ecofriendly and paperless. It also helps when student don't have to fill out a form at home and remember to bring it to the next Congress Meeting or your Student Government office. Let Students know that they can go into your app, select the form they need to fill out (easily add or remove new forms) and submit them right there! All submissions go to a predefined email and can optionally be anonymized.

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The good stuff - find out what Students are using in your app!

Now that you have an app with us - how well is it doing? Find out what features or screens are being used/viewed the most! This is specially helpful for finding ways to improve your app productivity. Statistics are updated live so you always have the most up-to-date information on your Student Government app! Statistics for your app can be accessed through our Student Portal.

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Beautiful Apps for Campus Organizations

Student Government? Greek Life? Campus Wide? No problem!

Pricing? We have you covered!

No Startup Fees, Cancelation Fees, Update Fees, Download Fees, or Design fees.

We're partnered with the American Student Government Association (ASGA); we offer a 33% discount for any ASGA Member!

What are other people saying about us?

Here's three of our most recent quotes from folks using Campus Orb!

The modern student lives in an online-customizable world. Don’t punish them with more paperwork and boring bulletin boards. Campus Orb has given our students control of their student government: Increased communication, event notifications, and interaction. From a president’s perspective, I can create more accountability for every participant. Our SGA mobile app has been a great addition to our campus. All of the up-to-date features are very user friendly and the customer service is absolutely outstanding!

Simone Quinerly, SGA President
Edinboro University, PA

Campus Orb was hired to develop a mobile app for Lasell College’s Student Government Association (SGA). Developing mobile apps for students is an important initiative at Lasell to engage students in our community – wherever they are. Unfortunately with limited capital for software development and a small oversubscribed IT staff, we had to find a creative solution which was rights-sized for our organization. Campus Orb offered the perfect combination of affordability service, and outstanding support to create and deploy a customized SGA mobile app in less than a week!

Carrie Kenniston, SGA President
Lasell College, MA

With no in-house experience in app development, I was directed by our board to create one for the school district. The Campus Orb platform provided me a solution with expertise and creativity at an affordable price. Through our app, our stakeholders have the ability to speed dial any staff member, access all of our calendars, link to other apps the school uses, and more. Campus Orb has made the process of establishing as app presence nearly painless.

Ben Holbert, Director of Technology; Rancho Sante Fe School District, CA

We also do Student Government Websites!

Smartphone apps are awesome - but only compliment a great website.

Website designed for Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2014 - contact us for more information on our website services.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get from Student Leaders!

How long does it take to create an iPhone/Android app?

Once you've given us the information we need (logo's, congress member list, constitution, and so on) it takes about 7 days to get it all finished up.

Are the fees for Apple ($99) and Google ($25) included?

Our fee does not cover Apple ($99) and Google ($25) accounts, which should be purchased by your Student Government in order to keep your name under the app.

Can we combine Student Life and Student Government?

No problem! Sometimes splitting an app between a few campus organizations just makes sense - we'd be happy to do this at no additional cost.

We're members ASGA - do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you meet the criteria of a "small school" (less than 1000 students) we do have a few discount offerings for you to take advantage of, ask us!

We noticed you do websites - what does that entail?

We love building Student Government websites! Our websites cost $1000 for the first year and $500 every year after for upkeep. It takes about a week to finish it all up!

How does updating the app work in general?

Glad you asked! There are two ways to push updates to your app: one, email us, we'll get it done within 48 hours, or two, login to our student portal to do it yourself!

Can we include (insert service) into our app?

We get these questions all the time, and usually, it's yes - not a problem, we work with multiple campus based services to make integrating them into your app go smoothly.

Are there any update or download limitations?

Never - you can update your app as much as you want, students can download the app for free as many times as the want. We absolutely hate limitations, you're covered!

Our Student Leader & Teacher Based Team

Here's a few of the folks that make the magic happen.

Interested? Schedule a Free Online Demo with us!

Ready to see Campus Orb in action? We would be happy to give you a one-on-one demo (or with your team), schedule below!


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