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    Push Notifications are coming back!

    Hi folks!

    Ever since our third party provider “Parse” announced that they were shutting down, we’ve been scrambling to figure out how we were going to continue offering Push Notifications to our campuses. It took far too long – and lots of testing – but we’ve finally settled on a good third party provider that won’t limit our campuses notification numbers or make us charge more.

    We’re moving ahead with updating every single Campus Orb App so that we can get everyone thier Push Notifications back as soon as possible. We know that Push Notifications are vital for events, emergencies, and involvement, and we’re sorry that it took so long for us to get this nailed in. You’ll notice an update in the App Store and Google Play store soon for your app. When that update comes in, we’ll update the proper contacts in your Campus / Student Government with instructions to login and begin sending Push Notifications again.

    We’re looking forward to seeing those creative notifications again from everyone!

    The Campus Orb Team

    The new Campus Orb Portal is here!

    Hi folks!

    June of this year we talked about the new Campus Orb portal that was coming out and replacing our old “Campus Orb Control Panel” – We’re stoked to announce that it’s now live! After months of work, we hope that you enjoy the new features, layout, and design. Your old Control Panel login information has been transfered over to the new Portal so you should be able to login with the same credentials. If you’re having issues logging in, please call or email us and we’ll get you right in and situated. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🙂


    Many thanks to the schools whom have had early access to beta test everything.

    From all of us here at the office,

    The Campus Orb Team

    Coming Soon: Campus Orb's first FREE service; Student Government Websites!

    Exciting News!

    Campus Orb has been offering services to Student Governments for nearly half a decade now, and we’ve learned a lot of different and interesting things during those years. One of those things? Most Student Governments lack the knowledge, budget, or time, to pursue the creation of a comprehensive website for their Student Government. It’s that simple. Student Governments have one of the most important jobs of all on Campus: they need to be able to help students connect with events, clubs, funding, information, and so much more – and without a strong online presence these days (excluding social media) that can be a hard task for even the most prepared. One of the ways we’ve helped countless Student Governments is by providing an extremely useful platform of which they could launch their own Smartphone Apps on iPhone and Android, and so far, it’s been a blast. We’ve launched more than 1700+ events in the past 6 months combined between around 80 different campuses around the United States – that’s pretty awesome.

    But now we want to take a step back.

    When we started this whole thing, we always wanted our Smartphone Apps to compliment an existing web presence, an existing website that Student Governments would “naturally” already have. Over these past 5 years, we’ve worked with countless Campuses – and for the majority of them – they all lacked a real website, beyond the one page they had been allocated from the University to serve as a “here’s a quick about us“. No interactive features. No branding. Nothing.

    website-preview (1)

    Today that changes. For everyone. We’re launching a new FREE service at the end of the year that will allow Student Governments to register their very own Student Government website within minutes and without advertisements what-so-ever. We’re so excited to be able to announce the first free service Campus Orb has ever offered, and we’re proud to let folks know that it’s feature-packed. We’re also going to be offering a Premium upgrade for folks who want to take advantage of even more features, and at the price of $495, our most affordable product yet. But we want to make it clear – the free version has all that you need to build yourself a comprehensive, feature-rich Student Government website, and the features that are offered in the free version have absolutely no limitations at all.

    So what do you get with your Free Student Government Website?

    1. Custom About Page (tell everyone what you folks are all about)
    2. Recent News Page (publish recent news regarding SG or your campus)
    3. Events Calendar Page (display your Upcoming Events in a nifty calendar and list)
    4. Clubs & Organizations Page (give each club thier own custom page with contact, pictures, and more)
    5. Student Polls Page (start Polls and have students participate in them)
    6. Board Profiles Page (display a beautiful custom list or profiles for your E-Board or Congress)
    7. Contact Page (display your address, email, phone, and social media links!)

    And if you purchase Premium for a year at $495, you also get the following:

    1. Student Elections (take your SG Elections online and learn more about candidates / vote for them!)
    2. Student Surveys (ask a series of questions and create surveys for students to respond too)
    3. Gallery Page (display pictures of your recent events, members, and more)
    4. Documents Page (display your minutes, forms, PDF’s, and more here)
    5. Custom URL (instead of, get your own .com URL for free!)

    And one more piece of exciting news…

    If you already have an Smartphone app with us, or you purchase one from us, you get the website with Premium features unlocked FOR FREE for as long as you have service with us! Your website will compile all of the data you enter into the Campus Orb Portal (for your app) and enter it directly into the website, so when you update your app, you update the website automatically, and vice versa – we know you’re crunched with time, and we don’t want you to update two different things. 🙂

    Expect the release of this service to the public at the end of December.

    We’re excited to see you then!

    The Campus Orb Team

    Over 500+ Events held through Campus Orb!

    Unbelievable – we never thought we would get here so fast! We recently released the new Student Portal for over 80+ Campus Orb powered schools, and the feedback has been nothing but amazing. Student Governments LOVE the new clean interface and the unbelievable easy navigation for updating their apps, but most of all, new features like our redesigned Events Calendar!

    We released our Events Calendar to about 20 campuses during the first trial, and then the remaining 60 the second trial (only about 37 out of the 60 campuses used it, alternatively, they were happy with Google Calendar integration), which was about a month apart. This started mid-July, but we had no idea we would reach big milestones like these so fast!

    501 events have been scheduled through Campus Orb across 27 states in less than 3 months.

    That’s amazing. We’re also seeing some wonderful numbers throughout our other features, for example, we now have over 300+ Clubs & Organizations between 48 campuses using Campus Orb for their pages, events and notifications.

    We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful Campus Partners that continue to help us innovate our software and our student leaders who continue to push us forward with constant feedback and use. You guys are awesome, and we’re stoked to see so many folks connecting and getting their clubs noticed and managed on thier campuses.

    We’ll have something fun and free to announce at the end of the month for existing partners. 🙂

    Stay classy, stay motivated, and continue to do the amazing job that you Student Leaders are doing for your campuses.

    The Campus Orb Team

    Welcome Rivier, HACC, and NEL|B!

    We’re stoked to welcome Rivier University, HACC, Central PA’s Community College, and New England Boston School of Law! Not only are these folks now part of the Campus Orb Family, all three have opted to use our new Campus Orb Portal to power their Clubs & Organizations, Student Polls & Surveys, Campus Events, and Student Elections. Woohoo!

    Keep an eye out on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to see their apps live. If you’re not yet following us, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook for discounts, fun facts, and general updates. Cheers!

    Did someone say new Student Portal?

    No? That’s okay – we’re saying it! We’ve received countless (literally) comments and feedback regarding our Student Portal (formerly known as the Control Panel) – today, we’re stoked to announce that we’ve been listening. 🙂


    No longer are the days of adding “screens”, managing “menus”, or the dreading the unfriendly navigation that you folks have been so diligently dealing with on our behalf. The new Campus Orb Portal will allow you to quickly update your Campus or Organization app by easily navigating and adding new items to a beautiful display. Load up the Events / Calendar tab, see a nice big calendar in front of you, pick a day, add the event (title, description, image, start time, and so on) and you’re done! The same goes for every feature you see in the screenshot, it couldn’t be easier. The app will automatically update when you save your new event, club, or whatever you may have added. No refreshing needed.

    We also have a few other fun things to announce, the new Portal will support the display of Invoices/Receipts, you’ll be able to earn Profile Awards by completing certain tasks, view your App Statistics with beautiful charts, send Push Notifications, and much much more. We’re really ramping up our new Portal to be able to hold everything you need in one beautiful, convenient, place. We’re expecting to release this around the end of July, we’ll announce it then.

    Until then, we’ll be reaching out to a few select schools in the Campus Orb network to beta test the new portal with your app. We hope you folks are ecstatic to help us improve these features and even more excited to have an easier and convenient way to manage features for your teachers, staff and parents. Let’s keep working hard to connect and engage everyone! 🙂

    The Campus Orb Team

    Campus Orb acquires eJucomm, and forms a new K-12 department!

    Press Release



    San Francisco, CA – Campus Orb is proud to announce the acquisition of smartphone app company “eJucomm”, a Texas based app maker specializing in serving K-12 schools and districts. The eJucomm network services seven different states with a focus on bringing together families in the learning space. With this expansion into the K-12 sector, Campus Orb is poised to more effectively connect families and student leaders to their schools than ever before!

    “Campus Orb’s technology will boost our existing offerings for our K-12 schools, as well as continue to drive the promise of connecting families and students with their schools. I am thrilled and excited for the future!”, said Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar, founder of eJucomm and newly appointed head of Campus Orb’s K-12 department.


    Campus Orb’s experience with organizations at the university level will be leveraged in with eJucomm’s K-12 network of schools, including updated and improved features as Push Notifications, Spanish and other Languages, Safety Reports, Bus Routes, Teacher Directories, Enhanced Calendars, Live Demos, and on-demand Analytics. With schools and universities in over twelves states, Campus Orb has now expanded to serve hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.

    “eJucomm has always focused on connecting Families to their campus and we’ve always focused on connecting Students to theirs – after a close partnership that has had us working together for almost 4 years, it just “made sense” for us to acquire them. eJucomm’s tagline is “Powered by Family”, and that’s a a lot of responsibility for us to inherit, we’re very humbled to have the opportunity to carry that shared tradition on with our newly grown family as we continue focus to support Students and Parents for years to come!” said Campus Orb founder David Van Beveren.

    Campus Orb’s K-12 principal location will continue to be in McAllen, TX, while Campus Orb’s main offices for Colleges & Universities will remain in San Francisco, CA. The existing network of schools in the eJucomm network, which is just over 50, will be slowly transitioning to Campus Orb’s framework of software. Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar, as the new head of this department, will be working with these K-12 schools closely to make sure the transitions go smoothly.


    For more information on Campus Orb K-12, visit

    Welcome, University of Pikeville!

    We’re super stoked to welcome them to the Campus Orb family!

    The University of Pikeville (nicknamed UPIKE and formerly known as Pikeville College) is a private, liberal arts university affiliated with thePresbyterian Church (U.S.A.), located in Pikeville, Kentucky, United States. The university is located on a 25-acre (10 ha) campus on a hillside overlooking downtown Pikeville. The university was founded in 1889 by the Presbyterian Church. Pikeville joins us as the first school in the state powered by Campus Orb. We’ll throw a link on our Twitter and Facebook page when their app is live and kickin’ on iOS and Android!


    The Campus Orb Team

    Campus App of the Month for June, 2015!

    It’s no secret that we love our schools here in the Campus Orb community. We want you to get to know all the awesome places Campus Orb gets to be, so this June we’re kicking off the Campus Orb app of the month to highlight some of our awesome schools doing awesome things!

    Today, we’re proud to showcase Associated Students, Inc. (A.S.I.) as Campus Orb’s very first app of the month! Continue reading below to learn more.

    A.S.I. is a non-profit, student-elected organization who represents the students of California State University, Los Angeles. Since 1959 (!), A.S.I. has helped fund student organizations, activities, and have all around helped make CSU events a reality. A.S.I. was only the third school to ever join Campus Orb, way back in 2012!

    So what have they done since then?

    Well, they became our first live demonstration on how to use the Student Portal to instantly update their app, they’ve added cool stuff like polls and elections, as well as instant contact info for all of their members, and just this past year alone, the A.S.I. app has accumulated 30 THOUSAND views. Their app has been freely available in the Apple app store, and has been kept in high demand by their 20,000 students and 230,000 alumni for three years running.

    And hey, not that we’re taking credit or anything, but California State University, Los Angeles was recently named one of the top 25 colleges in 2014 by TIME magazine.

    We’re thrilled to see all of A.S.I.’s continued success, and I’m sure their students love it too. We know exactly how awesome it is to have your campus info available right at your fingertips. Congrats A.S.I. on being our Campus Orb app of the month!

    Check out their iOS app by clicking here or Android app here. 🙂

    Written by Alan Poole, Campus Orb Press

    Welcome, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College!

    We’re super stoked to welcome them to the Campus Orb family!

    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) is a two-year technical college with campuses in Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake and Superior, in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. There are also two branches in Hayward and Ladysmith. The college offers more than 50 career programs. Wisconsin joins us as the first school in the state powered by Campus Orb. We’ll throw a link on our Twitter and Facebook page when their app is live and kickin’ on iOS and Android!


    The Campus Orb Team